Sidewalk Sale

Alexandria is hosting it’s very first Sidewalk Sale on Saturday, August 14th.  How exciting!

This is exciting for many reasons, first being that the City of Alexandria has worked in conjunction with the business community to make this possible.  Thank you to the City for seeing how important this collective effort is to Alexandria and it’s businesses.  Thank you to the business leaders for lobbying for and leading this effort.  Many of the Old Town Boutique District stores will be participating and we are very grateful.

The second exciting reason is sales, sales, sales!  Be it inside or on the actual sidewalks of Old Town there will be deals galore.  Your favorite boutiques all over town will be offering deep discounts on summer and everyday merchandise. 

So put on your best walking shoes, come down to Old Town Alexandria on Saturday, August 14th and get a great deal.  And, remember, be there early or be sorry later…

See you this weekend!

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